CherryB Films

With the use of modern hi-def digital film equipment, we give you a short video, “Cellophane”, made with both analogue and digital mediums, creating something timeless. The limits one has when shooting with an analogue camera, excites me, as I personally like taking risks instead of manipulating the image digitally. I prefer when there is a surprise element and something can arise that isn't initially intended and can’t be manipulated.

The entirety of “Cellophane” was shot during Christmas in Notting hill, London. We combine the use of analogue film and digital medium to represent winter and spring. The shots outside (winter) were filmed on a super 8, while the shots inside (spring) were created digitally with warm lighting. The contrast between the two locations, show the transition from winter to spring through the style of clothing and video quality. While considering styling, I took the lighting and colours into account to represent the seasons in the way that the light hit the plastic in both spring and winter environments. We wanted to add a bit of texture to the video by playing with plastic, feathers and diamante jewellery to differentiate the way the textures feel on both formats. We give you this video of playing dress up with Iris Law, in Notting Hill last winter.

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